On July 7, 2016, Maine Jazz Camp lost one of its past Directors, Steve Grover. Steve was a great friend and supporter of MJC on a general level and a close friend to many of the MJC staff and faculty on a personal level. He was a man with wide-ranging interests, remarkable knowledge and a passion for music. He was able to talk about a variety of genres and was enthusiastic about it all without ever being judgmental. Yet it was his kindness and humanity that might have been the greatest gift of all. We will certainly miss him.

According to Steve’s wishes, he would like the sales of his cd’s to go towards the MJC scholarship fund to specifically support economically disadvantaged campers. Please find below a list of Steve’s CD’s that are $10 each. You may contact either Paul Lichter at 207-828-1310 or myself at christinecorrea@earthlink.net or 718-499-9051 if interested. All proceeds from these sales will go directly to the MJC Scholarship Fund. If you wish to make a donation in Steve’s name, please write a check to Maine Jazz Camp (put Steve’s name in the memo section) and mail to Van Brunt Station, P.O. Box 150-597, Brooklyn NY 11215.


Blackbird Suite
with Christine Correa, Chris Speed, Greg Tardy, Frank Carlberg, Dave Clark, Ben Street and Steve

with Steve, Frank Carlberg, Chris Van VVB, Andrew Rathbun

with Steve, Tim Sessions, George Garzone, Frank Carlberg, John Lockwood, Brad Terry

with Tony, Steve, Rob Stillman, Aaron Goldberg, Chris VVVB

with Trent Austin, Steve, David Wells, Tony Gaboury, Chris VVVB, Jason St. Pierre

with Steve, Andrew Rathbun, Frank Carlberg, Chris VVVB

In the G Zone
with George Garzone, Dave Ballou, Tony Gaboury, Tim Ray, Steve, Dave Clark

The Garden Above
with Steve, Tony Gaboury and David Wells

with Brad Terry, Frank Carlberg, Chris VVVB, Steve

with Steve, Tony Gaboury, Chris VVVB, Trent Austin

with Christine Correa, Frank Carlberg, Sean Farias, Andrew Rathbun, George Garzone, Duncan Hardy, Chris Klaxon

Between Now and After
with Steve, Tony Gaboury, Chris VVVB, Dave Wells, Tim Sessions, Jason St. Pierre