Curriculum at Maine Jazz Camp

Ensembles: Upon arrival, students after registration are auditioned by faculty. On the following morning, all student ensembles are posted in the dorm lounge. Each ensemble is directed by a faculty member. As many as 8 or 9 ensembles of approximately 6-9 musicians each make up the jazz camp. Ensembles meet three times daily, working on jazz repertoire, improvisational concepts and ensemble playing.

Master Classes:
All students attend a master class each day for one hour, working with student musicians who play the same instrument under the direction of appropriate faculty.

In the afternoons, students will have a choice between ear training class and vocal ensemble. Also at this time there will be a jazz literacy class which may include a panel discussion, video/film on the history of jazz or faculty may discuss their personal musical experiences with the students.

Additionally, students may have time over the course of their week to schedule a private lesson with an instructor at their mutual convenience.

Faculty Concerts:
Every evening a concert featuring a different faculty member takes place on campus.

Student Concerts:
On Friday evening and Saturday afternoon of each week, all student ensembles are featured in performance for family, the camp population and the general public.

For questions and concerns not answered above, please contact Christine Correa